Détails ressource biomédicale locale

Détails ressource biomédicale locale
Numéro 838
Pays du siège Kenya
Nom de la structure Surgilabs Limited
Personne à contacter
Ville Nairobi
Adresse Soin Arcade, 1st floor, Westlands P.O. BOX 13708, Nairobi 00800
Téléphone (+254) 20 4445190
EMail info@surgilabs.com
Site web www.surgilabs.com
Présentation Surgilabs Limited is one of Kenya's oldest suppliers of medical equipment, surgical instruments, hospital disposable products & orthopaedic products. We represent international supply companies like Phoenix Medical, Rotax international and Medicoplast Germany. Our unparalleled service and knowledgeable staff mean that you'll receive exactly what you want. No fuss, no delays, no nonsense - just the products you want.
Pays d'intervention
  • Kenya
Type de prestations de service et techniques
Gamme de matériel médical Blood pressure machines and accessories; Aspiration tubes, scissors, forceps; Diagnostic sets, laryngoscopes, digital sphygmomanometers; AMBU bags (silicone); Surgical Blades; Oximeters and disposable and reusable oxisensors; Suction bottles, feeding tubes, catheters & spigots; Hygrovent, Hygrovent baby and Climatrach; ECG electrodes; Face Masks, endo-oesophageal tubes, colostomy bags, anaesthesia equipent; Endo-tracheal tubes, tracheostomy tubes, thoracic catheters, trocars, oxygen sensors; Probes, flowmeters, regulators suction units humidifiers and the like; Nails, reamers and related accessories; Jugs, vomit bowls, wash bowls, disinfection sets, kidney dishes, instrument trays; Gusseted pouhces, reels, supa wrap; Stethoscopes, cuffs, and accessories.

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