Détails ressource biomédicale locale

Détails ressource biomédicale locale
Numéro 491
Titre Compendium of innovative health technologies for low-resource settings, 2011-2014: Assistive devices, eHealth solutions, medical devices, other technologies, technologies for outbreaks
Rubrique Technologies dites "appropriées" aux pays en développement
Auteur OMS
Résumé This is a continuation of the compendium series of innovative medical devices, assistive devices and eHealth solutions, inclusive of 2011-2014. The objective of this series is to provide a neutral platform for technologies which are likely to be suitable for use in less resourced settings. It presents a snapshot of several health technologies which might have the potential to improve health outcomes and the quality of life, or to offer a solution to an unmet medical/health technology need. It is released to acknowledge some success stories and at the same time, to raise awareness of the pressing need for appropriate and affordable design solutions and to encourage more innovative efforts in the field. This effort also aims to encourage greater interaction among ministries of health, procurement officers, donors, technology developers, manufacturers, clinicians, academics and the general public to ensure greater investment in health technology and to move towards universal access to essential health technologies. All innovative solutions in the compendium are presented in one page summarizing the health problem addressed, the proposed solution and product specifications, based on data, information, and images provided by the developers of the technologies concerned. Due to the Ebola outbreak, the 2014 call was extended to include medical devices for outbreaks, including disinfection technologies. Many innovations are in the way and are being tested in the field; we look forward to increasingly list new technologies that can be affordable, easy to use, safe and of good quality, which can be available for low resource settings especially in case of emergencies, outbreaks and for non-communicable diseases. This volume now includes 127 Technologies from 36 Countries, on the following areas: Assistive devices, Basic equipment for health facilities, Devices for infectious diseases and for infection prevention, Healthcare management, Medical imaging, Laboratory, Monitoring, Non-communicable diseases, Reproductive, maternal, neonatal and child health, Respiratory support and Surgery.
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