Détails ressource biomédicale locale

Détails ressource biomédicale locale
Numéro 352
Titre Guidelines on Establishment of Virology Laboratory in Developing Countries
Rubrique Evaluation des besoins : adéquation du matériel avec les besoins
Auteur OMS
Editeur OMS
Résumé Establishment of a reliable viral laboratory is a prerequisite for a strong public health response to emerging viral diseases. Unfortunately, several developing countries lack adequate capacity to diagnose viral infections. These guidelines are therefore intended to provide the minimum requirements for establishing a national virology laboratory, keeping in view the emergence of new viral pathogens. It is not meant to serve as a comprehensive laboratory manual for diagnosis of viral infections. These guidelines cover key aspects of establishing a virology laboratory in a developing country and address issues pertaining to policy and programme, infrastructure, human resources, technologies available, and creating high-quality systems. We hope that these guidelines provide fundamental information to the policymakers and laboratory directors in developing countries to aid them in establishing virology laboratories in their respective countries, thereby enhancing national selfreliance in this area.
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