Détails ressource biomédicale locale

Détails ressource biomédicale locale
Numéro 320
Titre The need for the integration of clinical engineering & sociological perspectives in the managementt of medical equipement within developing countries
Rubrique Informations générales sur le don d'équipement
Auteur Kevin Taylor, Monique Frize, Noel Iverson, Christiane Paponnet-Cantat
Editeur University of New Brunswick, Canada
Résumé The proliferation of medical technology in developing countries requiresthat sound and appropriate clinical engineering practices be applied. Notonly is there increased use of technologically advanced medical equipmentin city hospitals of the developing world, but this technology is alsobeginning to appear in primary healthcare facilities at the community level.This raises the issue of servicing and maintaining a proper level of technologywithin these facilities, while at the same time considering the effectsof exposing indigenous populations to a level of technology that may conflictwith their culture and beliefs. As clinical engineers apply their expertisein technology management in developing countries, they need to rely ona multidisciplinary approach by consulting traditional healers, nationalleaders and social scientists. Those who are interested in clinical engineeringapplied to developing countries may find the approach of combining a sociologicaland engineering perspective interesting and useful.
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