Détails ressource biomédicale locale

Détails ressource biomédicale locale
Numéro 316
Titre Medical technology transfer for sustainable development: A case study of intraocular lens replacement to correct cataracts
Rubrique Informations générales sur la coopération et le développement
Auteur Logan D.A. Williams
Editeur Technololy in Society
Résumé Cataracts account for almost 50% of blindness in the world (17 million people). The magnitude of this problem is stunning, and affects the sustainable economic progress of developing nations where 90% of the blind are located (and likewise 90% of the $19 billion dollars in lost global productivity each year). The Vision 2020 program has called for eliminating cataract as a cause of avoidable blindness through Intraocular Lens Replacement surgery (IOL surgery), a relatively cheap solution with good outcomes. This paper will give background on the scope and problems surrounding international technology transfer of IOL surgery develop the international medical technology transfer framework adapted from work by Lall and Wei compare programs in the countries of Nepal and Nigeria, evaluate the success of their technology transfer of intraocular lens replacement and provide recommendations for sustainable international transfer of IOL surgery.
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