Détails ressource biomédicale locale

Détails ressource biomédicale locale
Numéro 277
Titre Local production of injection devices with reuse prevention features including auto-disable syringes: terms of reference for assistance by who in technology transfer activities
Rubrique Evaluation des besoins : adéquation du matériel avec les besoins
Auteur OMS
Editeur OMS
Résumé production capacity to a capacity to produce injection devices with reuse prevention features for general purposes (including reuse prevention syringes and auto-disable syringes for immunization purposes) may help in ensuring sustainable and widespread access to these products; • Local production of reuse prevention injection devices that meet international standards of product design and quality systems may be a viable alternative to imported products for national health care programmes; • The assistance of the World Health Organization (WHO) in technology transfer must fit in with its broader public health mandate. It must be compatible with WHO rules, regulations, policies and practices and is provided in accordance with the terms of the Basic Agreement in force between WHO and the government of the country concerned. • These terms of reference propose a framework for WHO to act as a resource for countries interested in the various options available to introduce injection devices with reuse prevention features into their health care services.
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