Détails ressource biomédicale locale

Détails ressource biomédicale locale
Numéro 144
Titre Appropriate technology in ophthalmology
Rubrique Evaluation des besoins : adéquation du matériel avec les besoins
Auteur Buisman, Nico; Nico Dekkers; Danny Haddad et al
Editeur Intermediate Technology Information Ring
Résumé Surgery forms an important part of the therapeutic arsenal of ophthalmology. The number of patients which can be cured by surgery is relatively large. A good example is cataract. The high incidence of cataract especially in developing countries makes cataract surgery a very important goal of treatment in ophthalmology. During the last decades, important technological changes have occured. The more recent developments in cataract sugery all tend towards high sophistication in instrumentation and technique. This sophistication with its high costs is not feasible in underpriviliged circumstances. To reduce costs in ophthalmic surgery, one could make its own surgical equipment, instead of buying expensive Western equipment. These tools should be of good quality, easily sterilisable, usable in a good surgical technique, made out of materials thar are almost everywhere available and, of course, they should not be too difficult to make. This booklet will try to give ideas about the manufacturing and maintenance of such tools. The techniques described are not the only ways to make the tools; while working one might find other, better or easier ways to manufacture them.
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