Détails ressource biomédicale locale

Détails ressource biomédicale locale
Numéro 103
Titre Guidelines on Medical Equipment Donations - Afganisthan
Rubrique Politiques de santé locales - documents officiels
Auteur Ministry of Health Afganisthan
Editeur Ministry of Health Afganisthan
Résumé The Afghan Ministry of Health (MOH) appreciates all assistance that foreign, goverments have provided and are committed to continue providing in the health sector. To assure full benefit is derived from the resource that are so generously offered to Afghanistan in the health sector we have developed this guideline for donations of medical equipment. It is hoped this will minimize the donation of items that may not be suitable in Afghanistan and provide for the improved efficiency of health facilities. Prior to a donation agreement being settled, the donor and the Afghanistan MOH will make a thorough evaluation of the requirements of both parties. The final choice of equipment will be limited by need, cost, environment and operational conditions, the availability of supplies, of spare parts, and the quality of maintenance services. The following steps will help both parties work through their responsibilities, understand what is expected of them, decide if the items in the donation should be accepted, if a purchase of an alternative should be recommended, or if changes should be made to a particular donation.
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Lien site web http://ispb.univ-lyon1.fr/Lyon%20Kaboul/politique_de_sante_en_afghanistan/rapports/Guidelines%20on%2
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